We are Kuadrant Nouveau !

Kuadrant Nouveau, is a young and dynamic business, that seeks to innovate and transform; offering the best professional services with honesty, quality and royalty. We have more than 15 years of experience in the international and European transport sector and at the same time we manage the products that our clients leave in our hands.



We offer the best service to our clients as well as look forward to give the best benefit for them. We believe that it is important to give security to our services and let the clients feel secure when we transport their merchandise, giving the best service and let them know that the goods are transported and treated correctly, without the uncertainty of how the goods will arrive at their final destination. To make it possible, we wear their companies colors to represent and support their interests. Our team knows the best formula for great result and how to grow together.


We know that there is a lot of competition in this world and our vision is to work with network for the growth of our company and our clients. If we grow we also help you to grow with us, always innovating and giving the best, that’s how our customers feel satisfied and they can see that our business has ethical values that we defend.


  • We offer honesty to our clients 
  • Clarity in our management
  • Negotiation with integrity
  • Professional ethic

Those are the values that Kuadrant Nouveau represents and that encourage us day by day to respond to the needs of our clients in a form of mutual respect.


  • National and international growth
  • New horizons and opportunities.

Give to others

  • Our business is aware of giving the best to others, that it’s better to give than to receive, within this optic we support the Association of “Hogar y amor al niño” in Colima, México.  A place where they grow up with values, love and taking care. This association is regulated to offer children and young people a space of personal development paying attention to their needs and limits from the time they arrive at this home.

We are a young and dynamic company but we have great experience in the sector of logistic and transport. We have more than 15 years of experience working for different companies, mainly in Spain. We have decided to start our company taking advantage of our knowledge in the different areas that include import and export with multiculturalism in our company to offer you a service focused on your needs.

Kuadrant Nouveau represents different cultures which makes us known and give a service to the extent of your need, with our strengths that are discipline and formality; your goods will be treated with greater care being flexible if required.

The only way to know is to try and attempt. With Kuadrant Nouveau you will have the possibility to make a precise budget according to your needs and explain the different charges.

Available in different languages: English, French and Spanish.