International Sales

If you require and / or your objectives are :

Sales representative :

  • That your product is promoted
  • Have potential contacts with future clients
  • Participation in trade fairs and other events
  • That we offer you a collaboration in different areas such as: investigation of the solvency of the potential importers, channels of distribution of the products, presentation of the products, requirements to be met in order to enter the market, among others.
  • Close the final sale
  • Raise orders

Official Dealer ( Including the other items than those referred before) : 

  • Centralizing sales, buying products and taking the risk of marketing in the concerned country
  • We will be in front of the figure of AUTHORIZED OR OFFICIAL RESELLER. With obligations such as providing after-sales services, brand positioning, etc
  • In both cases we will demand preferential purchasing conditions

Whatever your country of origin, our international representatives are available to answer your questions