• Management of international traffic (maritime, air and land)

We help to manage and verify your transport, so you can be sure that your merchandise is secure and also your goods will arrive at their final destination. As freight forwarder, we are always checking step by step where the goods are.

  • Customs services (import / export) 

We take care of all the customs requirements that are essential for the partial, temporary or definitive goods, so that the merchandise can enter into the country, making the necessary diligence of procedures such as :

  • Soivers
  • Phytosanitary Certificate
  •  Inspections
  • Animal health
  • Equipment’s goods
  • Single Administrative Document (SAD)
  • Release of the goods
  • DUAS
  • Searching for new national markets in Switzerland and Europe

We look for the best niche market for your product and we introduce it to our clients in Switzerland and Europe, depending on your needs/orders. With the help of our customers we make an evaluation so that your products can be introduced quickly.

  • Verification and monitoring in delivering of goods to yours clients

We can offer you a service to verify and control your merchandise at the moment of delivery, assuring us that your goods arrived in a good condition at the time of opening the container in front of your clients. If there are any losses, we are there to check it and sure of the right percentage, we send our specialists so that there is no misunderstanding.

  • Market analysis for new products

We analyze the national market to adapt the product to the country and to be accepted for the final customer.

  • Technical and commercial assistance 

We strive to make necessary investigations to see if the product is viable for the domestic market, developing business plans to introduce them according to the country’s standards.

We analyze offers for the products to be marked.

Safe & Secure